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Do you ever simply search 'massage near me in AZ' and have no idea where to go? Relief 4 Me Provides several services: Massage Therapy, Corrective Massage, and Corrective Exercise. Whether you just need a therapeutic massage, corrective massage, or corrective exercises... 'Relief4Me' can help you!


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Initial Session $20 Savings!!!!!


It has taken me 6 years to find a good massage therapist, but today I had THE BEST hands down since moving to the US!

It was Euphoric! I literally laughed and cried (not from pain but from the release). I’m super fussy. I’ve had massages all over the world but since moving to AZ I’ve not been able to find anyone good but I can’t speak highly enough about my treatment with Ali today. My husband had one too and says it’s the best massage he has ever had!

We are about to become regulars.

Pressure was perfect, she listened to what I want, took time in all my problem areas while still giving a total body massage and totally nailed it!
— Kate Wilson



I understand the feelings of uncertainty when trying out a new Massage Therapist. I want you to feel comfortable and confident in knowing that you are getting what YOU want.

Take a chance on me with a $20 discount on the initial massage!


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About Me

I am an energetic being that thrives on bettering myself and providing relief for those in need through therapeutic massage. My 16 years’ experience as a Massage Therapist aides in not only correcting muscle imbalances, but also releasing stored energy/tension/pain. I take pride in being very attentive in tune and present to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. It’s an honor to hold and create that much needed space to help you on your journey of recovery/healing/growth/ and repair.